June 3, 2013

the lost backbone

... change in an unexpected way. the backbone of the band got ripped out: our drummer left the band and we've lost our rehearsal space. we will continue doing what we love most in a different setup but we'll have to start at zero again just after our conversion last summer. we've written a few songs and it hurts that maybe they will never get performed live.

but in the meantime you can entertain yourself with this!

August 12, 2012

the fifth element

we are currently in writing mode again, aiming for a broader sound and letting in some fresh ideas. for that purpose we started to work with a second guitarist, who will quite certainly also play with us live and become a fix part of our litte self therapy group. at the moment we are struggeling a bit how much we should redisign our sound and our workflow, but don`t worry, we will...

September 19, 2011

from the bottom to the top

we`re coming back to the Fluc in vienna on september 24. two years ago we performed downstairs at the "Wanne", this year we will play on the stage upstairs. enter for free and enjoy the broad menu that the "Schmankerlbude" has to offer!

June 15, 2011

200 free downloads per month

unfortunatly your interest in our new record exceeds our capacities. so we aren't able to offer a free download all the time. this is how it works from now on:

you can choose how much you want to pay for the new record. you can also go down to "zero". but the free download works only 200 times a month. for the rest of the month a minimum price will be set. with the 4th of the following month again 200 free downloads will be available. dependend on the current status, the player on the left will either show "download" or "buy".

from now on you can buy cds and downloads via credit card or paypal at music.stillsearching.at or via normal bank transaction at the shop

we really want to make it as easy as possible to support us. so we hope some of you do so! anyways - thanks to everybody who buys our music, downloads it for free, listens to it online, copies it from a friend or sucks it from russian pipelines!

May 29, 2011

shadow syndromes

here it is - our new 4-tracker!

if you want to have the whole experience you can buy the cd at our concerts or at our online shop per prepay bank transaction.

if you want to have it now you can download it for free at music.stillsearching.at. if you like what you hear, we kindly invite you to our online shop to make a donation

also, if you want to support us, please spread the word! you can embed the player anywhere on the web by cklicking "share". thank you.

we hope to see you at the release show on june 4th!
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